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Pedestrian Accidents - Charlotte NC Chiropractor

Sometimes, car accidents aren't between multiple vehicles. While one car accidents do happen relatively frequently, especially in inclement weather, that isn’t really what I'm speaking about today. Today, I want to talk about what happens to you when you are hit as a pedestrian. While we all know that pedestrians legally have the right of way in many situations, this doesn’t always mean that drivers will respect this fact. It can often feel like you’re taking your life into your hands, even if you are following all of the stated traffic laws. This frequently depends on how recklessly people drive through certain areas and intersections. Being a pedestrian can be extremely dangerous if you are crossing the street, even if you are in a crosswalk.

When you are hit as a pedestrian, it is very different from being hit while in a car. If you are walking on the road as opposed to driving, you don’t have a large metal barrier around you to take the brunt of the impact. All of the physical trauma from the crash is going to directly hit your body instead of being absorbed and dissipated by the metal and air bags and other safety features that you have in a car. Think about the damage that can occur on a vehicle in a crash. Now apply that to the possibility that you are being hit instead. It definitely leaves you with an unpleasant mental image, I'm sure.

While the human body is generally very resilient, there is only so much impact trauma that it can be expected to take. If you’ve ever been hit by something large or fallen and had the wind knocked out of you, you understand how low that threshold can be. With a multi-ton vehicle crashing into you, it is unrealistic to expect your body to be able to simply stand up and walk away. More often than not, a hospital trip and stay will be needed. You can only hope that it won't be a long visit.

Pedestrian accidents can be difficult to deal with both from a physical standpoint and a legal one. Thankfully, the Accident and Injury Center can help you with both! Our chiropractors can help you deal with your pain and injuries, and we can help you find legal representation if it is needed. Our main goal is always your health and safety, so call us to set up an appointment today!