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Children and Accidents - Charlotte NC Chiropractor

Let’s be completely honest: children are a lot of work. It really doesn’t matter how many kids you've had already or how much babysitting experience you may have, because each kid has their own unique challenges. Trying to stay on top of things like recalls, new techniques and suggestions from childcare experts, and even your changing requirements from work, family, and friends can be exhausting. What worked for one child may not work for the next for any number of reasons. Technology is also constantly changing in regards to childcare, and you never know what might be available from one child to the next, even if it is a sibling.

One of the things that is constantly changing and evolving is the car seat. From a simple chair strapped onto the back of a seat with a wire across it to the new high tech car seats that can connect to WiFi and your smart phone, car seats have improved in leaps and bounds since they were created. Even 20 years ago, children were still front facing and there was no such thing as an expiration date on the car seat. Now that we know it is safer to put kids in a rear facing seat and that the integrity of car seats can diminish over time, we have to wonder what the next major development will be. With car seats that can remind you to check the back seat, warn you of an overly warm car, or even an unbuckled belt, it can seem like there is hardly room for improvement. However, we know that something will come along and we will need to adjust to that too.

Even with all of the safety regulations that we have, children do unfortunately still get hurt in cars. We know that it is always difficult to see your little one in pain, which is why we are determined to do everything we can to help. Here at the Accident and Injury Center, we will work with every tool we have to make sure that any damage that might have been done is mitigated when it comes to your car accident. We will come up with a personalized plan to help your child and everyone else in your family who is living in pain. It’s the least we can do to help you through what is certainly a difficult time. Just call and leave the rest to us!