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Autopilot Driving - Charlotte NC Chiropractor

Almost all of us have had moments where we aren't entirely aware of what we're doing. If you've ever had an experience where you became conscious of what your body was doing and thought something like “Huh, I wonder what I came into the kitchen for. I don't remember getting up”, you'll know what I'm talking about. Sometimes these happen while you're driving, and you don't notice exactly what's going on. It's almost like your body is operating on autopilot as you drive down the road. While this isn't always a bad experience and doesn't end in an accident all of the time, it also isn't something that you should really be complaisant with either.

As you're driving, your mind naturally starts to wander through your thoughts. This is especially common if you are driving a route that you're extremely familiar with. Just like anything else that you do on a regular basis, a standard drive can be something that relies more on muscle memory than brain power to complete. Your trip may have some slight variation from day to day, but if the basic route is the same, it can be too easy to feel like there's nothing wrong with letting your mind drift to other things as you drive around.

While you're behind the wheel, it is important to do things to keep yourself alert and aware. Listening to music is a method that many people use. Another technique is to play little games as you drive, like trying to find a license plate from a distant state. Think of games you used to play in the car when you were a kid and see how you can alter them to work for you as you drive now that you're an adult. Not only will they keep you aware of the drivers around you, but you may realize they're more fun than you remember.

If you were in a crash that occurred while either driver was in a autopilot-like state, give us a call. Here at the Accident and Injury Center, we are dedicated to helping you through your car crash injuries with chiropractic care. We know how much an accident can disrupt in your life, and we want to make sure that you can get the care you deserve. Let us help you through your injuries and see how great you can feel after treatment. You'll be amazed at the difference!